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  • Metabolism of Cortisol
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  • Accurate and precise mass spec testing methods
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Advanced hormone testing and assessment Gauteng South Africa

sample_report.jpgWhy is the DUTCH Hormone Testing simply better?

Building a better hormone testing model:  Physicians have three options for hormone testing – serum, urine, or saliva.  When testing adrenal and sex hormones, each of these testing methods is a viable option, but has limitations, which can be improved upon.  Our testing model is a comprehensive overview of these hormones, and it is the easiest patient collection of all. 

Read about why the DUTCH test is Simply Better

Choosing a hormone test

Choosing a hormone test when using supplementation can be difficult. All three parameters (hormone being tested, route of administration, and laboratory test) must be taken into consideration to avoid misleading clinical information.

This paper begins with a short review of the different testing methods for endogenous hormones and then explores the different supplementaion scenarios and how they can affect testing selection.

Precision Hormones Test

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