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Do values compare favorably to 24-hour collections?

If done properly, the correlation to 24-hour collections is excellent (see graph, left). Because the four dried samples span about 12-14 hours of the day (6-8 hours overnight plus 2 hours per day collection), they represent the entire day’s hormone production. A weighted average of the four samples is combined and measured for all hormones other than cortisol and cortisone. Values must be presented relative to creatinine (ng per mg of creatinine) to correct for hydration. This replaces the 24-hour value. The correlation to 24-hour collections is more than reasonable making our model a very respectable alternative to 24-hour collections. With the addition of diurnal free cortisol, it becomes an improvement.

dried samples accurate? Dried samples work well for hormones and values correlate to liquid samples (see graph, right) extremely well. Samples are more stable once they are dried and much easier to ship than liquid samples.

Does the test have limitations?

  • Because the test is based off of creatinine measurements, proper kidney function is assumed. The test is not appropriate for those with kidney or creatinine abnormalities.

Methods Used for Testing Cortisol and cortisone testing is performed by LC-MS/MS. The remaining analytes are all tested by GC-MS/MS, the most accurate method available.

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