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Hormone Metabolite Assessment:
Serum and saliva testing cannot offer an extensive overview of sex hormone metabolites. How the body is processing and metabolizing estrogens and androgens is important in making sound clinical decisions.

  • Estrogen metabolites show a fuller picture of estrogen status and can help reduce risks for estrogen-related cancers by optimizing metabolism.

Advanced Adrenal Assessment: A complete overview of adrenal hormones includes DHEA, cortisol and cortisol metabolites. To fully understand HPA-Axis cortisol should be tested throughout the day to assess the diurnal pattern. Only this test includes all of these parameters merging the diurnal free cortisol pattern seen typically in saliva with the cortisol metabolism picture and DHEAS.

Comprehensive Hormone Profile:
By combining the Hormone Metabolite Assessment and the Advanced Adrenal Assessment a comprehensive overview of sex and adrenal hormones is achieved to assist providers in getting to the bottom of their patient’s complex hormone-related health issues.

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Precision Hormones Test

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